Landscape services


Landscape services 

In collaboration with UAB Reljef we provide landscape design, construction and maintenance services to different projects.

In order to meet your landscaping needs, we provide the following landscape services:

  • installation of various outdoor coverings (blocks, asphalt pavement, lawns, etc.);
  • landscape planting (lawns, different plants, rock gardens, etc.);
  • landscape lighting;
  • fences, walls and other small architecture.

We provide also landscape engineering and design services. 

We have experience in the construction and maintenance of golf courses, multi-purpose sports courts, complex and high-quality turf surfaces.


Released projects:

In cooperation with UAB Rūdupis installed ca. 3000 sq.m of concrete blocks covering in the new multi-purpose sport complex in Palanga. 


-  In 2013 in cooperation with UAB Klaistvita and PST lawn work was performed at the new Fortum biofuels and waste thermal power plant in Klaipeda. 

-  On Vingio str., Klaipėda in the territory of newly built shopping center Norfa earthwork, landscape services were performed, concrete blocks coverings and foundations under the floor of the building constructionthere were installed.

-  Concrete blocks coverings were renovated at the Presidential Palace of the Republic of Lithuania.

-  In Klaipėda region near newly built drivers training center in the territory of 40,000 square meters lawn work was performed.



-  All landscape services provided  in residential cottages and dwelling-house on Žemaičių str., Palanga. Installed over 2,800 square meters of concrete blocks pavement, plantings, build fences and gates, terraces, children's playground.


-   Landscape services were provided near the buildings located at 15 and 17, Jūratės str., Palanga.  Installed over 2,000 square meters of concrete blocks cover, plantings and terraces.



-  In 2014 ​​all landscape services provided in the territory of sport and health club Impuls (more than 5000 sq m surface) in Klaipeda, Liepų street.



-   In cooperation with Akordas 2, UAB a part of concrete blocks coverings were installed on Juratės str., Palanga, stairs and ramps for the disabled near the Palanga gymnasium were equipped.  

-   Landscape services provided (concrete blocks, lawn, fences) near the building located at 115, Vytauto str. in Palanga.

-   Near the newly constructed sanitary equipment factory located on Industry str. in Klaipėda were installed concrete blocks coverings, road sides and other concrete elements.

-   Landscape services provided in the territory of individual house located on Užutėkio str., Vilnius.  

-   Desing and construction supervision work of the homestead building and the surrounding territory were performed in Anykščiai district.




-   In Dubingiai near the newly constructed public building landscape design and installation works were performed. 



-   Golf training course was installed in Vilnius district near Bezdonys. The rolling course covered with a synthetic coating.  



-   Golf training area covered with a synthetic rolling surface was installed in Trakai district, near Vilkokšnis lake.


-  In  Finland, Aland islands seven houses for living and recreation purposes were built.



-  Landscape services were provided near Palanga stage on Vytauto street.  

-  Concrete blocks laying was performed in VPA Logistics center. Total area around 12.000 square meters.



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