Building renovation


Building renovation

We carry out  renovation services of appartment buildings, covering the facades, roofs and basements work, plumbing, heating, ventilation upgrades, window and door replacement.

Renovation services we perform in collboration with our partners - specialized companies. The renovation works are carried out using modern high quality certified materials and technologies that improve the quality of life for renovated buildings, reduce their maintenance costs and extend the life of buildings.


Released projects:

In 2009 we renovated the block of flats in Kaunas (9 floors, 54 flats).

During the renovation of the building  all the windows, patio doors were replaced, the roof was insulated and covered with a new roof coating, facade and plinth (3550 sq. m) were covered with the ventilated facade cover (ALSECCO technology), modern aluminum and glass constructions were arranged in  balconies (1100 sq. m).


In 2013-2014 we revovated the block of flats on Žemaitės str. 21, Jurbarkas. During the renovation of the building roof, facade and plinth were insulated, heating unit and heating system were renovated.




In  2015 finished renovation of the block of flats on Minties str. 2, Vilnius. During the renovation of the building there were performed insulation of the roof and facade, renewal of the heating unit and heating system, cold and hot water supply systems, as well as electricity installation.



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